ROBRADY design is a multi-disciplined product design and development studio that offers its global client base progressive industrial design, mechanical design and product engineering, graphics / packaging / UI-UX / web, market insights, brand and retail development, complete rapid prototyping and production program management.

ROBRADY design delivers comprehensive speed-to-market product solutions from start-up to Fortune 100 by collaborating to identify the greatest areas of opportunity and producing innovative designs that drive profitable results. ROBRADY delivers design, production and capital solutions to clients in support of their research to reality philosophy.

Studio Experience = 30+ Years of Global Innovation

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Question The Question = Disruptive Innovation

Aquatic resistance training once involved a monstrous setup with buckets and pulleys, making the process tedious and time-consuming. Seeking a more sustainable solution, ROBRADY ‘Questioned the Question’ and created the award-winning GMX7 X1-PRO. This innovation offers swimmers a compact, palm-sized aquatic resistance training system, streamlining their training experience remarkably.

10% More Rule = Exceeding Expectations

ROBRADY’S approach to designing the award-winning FORTIS exoskeleton exceeded expectations in design and schedule efficiency. Adopting a ‘Whole to the Parts to the Whole’ perspective, they meticulously redefined the power suit to enhance user experience. Focusing on critical joints like the foot, knee, and hip and their interplay, ROBRADY ensured seamless functionality as a cohesive unit. Notably, their redesign of the foot area grounded users more naturally, adapting to varied terrains and movements. Their commitment to biomechanics and ergonomics is evident in FORTIS’s lightweight, rugged frame that allows easy suit-up without assistance and immediate adaptation to different users, with a minimal learning curve. This holistic and human-centric design approach by ROBRADY has set a new benchmark in exoskeleton technology.

Humanizing Technology = Accessible Technology

ROBRADY’s design of the MyoCycle Home by MYOLYN exemplifies how humanizing technology leads to accessible technology. The MyoCycle, initially a success in rehab centers, uses functional electric stimulation (FES) to actively engage leg muscles, offering spinal injury patients an effective solution against muscle atrophy. In developing the home model, ROBRADY emphasized empathy and user experience, focusing on features that ease use for wheelchair users, like easy-to-operate arms for wheelchair securing and proper sensor pad placement. Moving beyond the clinical, they infused a sporty aesthetic with bold colors and practical additions like water bottles and tablet mounts, shifting the vibe from physical therapy to a more empowering, Peloton-like experience. This design approach by ROBRADY and MYOLYN makes physical therapy engaging and accessible, stimulating both body and spirit.