Common Sense Venture Investing with
Uncommon Returns

Common Sense Venture Investing with
Uncommon Returns

Hands-On Approach to Guiding Entrepreneurs by Serial Entrepreneurs


Collectively, we have watched overvalued ideas, poor market timing, and an inability to differentiate early winners kill venture returns. It is time to eliminate the blind spots via a combination of micro-fund and incubator approaches.


With our tested hybrid incubator approach, we will be deeply aware of our portfolio companies – warts and all. Team dynamics are more than just quarterly board minutes and downside budgets.


Achieving the vaunted 3x DPI. Valuations have dropped 2/3 on early growth startups. Bridge rounds in market-validated startups have also opened up, providing opportunities for smaller check sizes at lower valuations. Do more with less in a shorter time frame.


ROBRADY, our anchor LP, is a globally recognized design and production company that has developed category-leading products across multiple industries, from enterprise to startup clients, for 30 years.

The SGV Strategy for Turning Small Checks Into Big Ones


We leverage ROBRADY’s deep product and manufacturing expertise to optimize scale/gross margins.


In addition to validated demand, we focus on market relevance. No Chia Pets.


SGV looks for vertical exits with identifiable suppliers or customers. Low focus on IPO dreams.


Coachable 2+ person Founder teams with proven domain expertise is a primary funding selection criteria.