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Sarah is a seasoned venture capitalist with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. She has invested in numerous successful startups and has a keen eye for identifying promising business ideas and talented founders.

Expertise: Early-stage investments, software/SaaS, AI/ML, cybersecurity

Judging Criteria: Sarah focuses on the founding team’s expertise, the market opportunity, the product’s differentiation, and the potential for scalability and profitability.


Aditya is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and exited two successful tech companies. She is now an active angel investor, mentoring and investing in early-stage startups in various sectors.

Expertise: E-commerce, fintech, consumer internet

Judging Criteria: Aditya values innovative business models, strong go-to-market strategies, and the founders’ passion and execution capabilities.


Samantha is the head of innovation at a large multinational corporation. Her role involves identifying and investing in disruptive technologies and startups that align with the company’s strategic objectives.

Expertise: Enterprise software, IoT, Sustainability

Judging Criteria: Samantha evaluates the potential for strategic partnerships, the startup’s ability to scale within a corporate environment, and the robustness of the technology solution.


Marcus is a respected industry expert with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. He serves as an advisor to several healthtech startups and accelerator programs.

Expertise: Healthcare, biotech, medical devices

Judging Criteria: Marcus focuses on the startup’s understanding of the healthcare landscape, regulatory compliance, and the potential for real-world impact and patient benefits.


Bobby is the Founder of a world-class design studio with over three decades of experience creating user-centric and visually stunning products. He has worked with top technology companies and startups, leading design and production teams to create products that have delighted millions of users globally.

Expertise: User experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, production strategy, and design strategy thinking.

Judging Criteria: Exceptional product design, intuitive user experience, scalability of production, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of user needs and pain points.