Why SGV?

SGV was created by startup and design wonks.

Collectively we have watched overvalued ideas, poor market timing and an inability to differentiate early winners kill venture returns.

To alleviate these “blind spots” SGV will operate with the nimbleness of a micro fund and the insider knowledge of an incubator.

Why SGV Now?

The market has timed itself.

Valuations have dropped roughly 2/3 on early growth stage companies. In addition, bridge rounds in market validated but overvalued startups, have opened opportunities for smaller check sizes in latter fundraising stages.

“Fund size is your strategy” is no longer true but the Power Law is.

The SGV Coaching Advantage

Being in the locker room counts.

With a hybrid incubator approach, we will be deeply aware of the business, warts and all; not just the quarterly board minutes and downside budgets, but the cultural dynamics within the team.

Our halftime bets will be focused on team rapport and leadership as a key function of scaling efficiently.

Who We Are

Michael Dillhyon

General Partner | Startup

Michael Dillhyon is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, health tech expert and startup advisor renowned for his exceptional financial success in startups and his influential role in the international business arena. With a prestigious business education and a remarkable track record, Dillhyon has consistently delivered outstanding results. His ventures have garnered significant funding and achieved impressive returns for investors.

  • Led $200m+fundraising
  • Netelligent, Founder, CEO & Chair (acquired by Huron)
  • Genebio, Chair (acquired by SIB)
  • Healthbank Innovation AG, Founder, CEO & Chair (acquired by CSS)
  • VitalConnect, President, (Series F)
  • Entrepreneur-in-residence EIR, SystemsX, Switzerland’s largest early stage life science fund ($1b AUM)
  • E&Y, SXSW, Goldman Sachs, Forbes entrepreneur/healthcare innovation awards

Phoebe Bishop

Managing Partner | Finance

Phoebe Bishop is a highly accomplished Chief Financial Officer with over 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management. As the CFO of a venture fund focused on early-stage start-ups, she has a proven track record of driving business growth and helping clients achieve their goals. With a keen interest in Intellectual Property Law and Entrepreneurial Law, Phoebe offers a collaborative approach, leadership skills, and specialized expertise in venture financing – making her an asset to any start-up seeking financial guidance and growth opportunities.

  • 20+ years of hands-on financial management experience, both at the enterprise and startup level
  • MAFM in Finance
  • CFO of the Year 2023 Honoree by Tampa Bay Business Journal

Rob Brady

Venture Partner | Design

Rob Brady is an accomplished leader and visionary with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years. As CEO and Design Director of ROBRADY design + production + capital, he is dedicated to achieving design excellence using innovative thinking. With a client-centered approach, Rob has successfully developed award-winning products for major companies across various industries such as Yamaha, Lockheed Martin, Coca-Cola, and Segway. His Leadership has propelled ROBRADY design to become a top-tier firm renowned for sustainable and cutting-edge innovation, setting the industry standard for excellence.

  • 40+ Patents issued
  • 50+ Internationally Renowned Design Awards
  • 40+ Employees
  • Founded ROBRADY, 1990, 33 years
    Markets served: Medical, Transportation, Consumer, Industrial, Marine
  • Founded ARMORIT, 2005, 18 years
    Markets served: Military, Government

Our Partners

Our esteemed partners are hand-selected organizations that are as committed to innovation and high performance as we are at SGV.

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